Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goodbye Tammy x

Today's post is dedicated to the wonderful Tammy who we lost early hours of the morning.......

It's so hard to write something when your beloved pet dies and has been really part of the family so close. Tammy was a kelpie cross dachshund . She was a helper dog for Dion .She was seven. We say more of a human then a pet dog really. She got carried around like a baby when she was little.
she brought so much joy to the family with her loud bark that you could hear across the street!

Her mouse chasing and bringing them all to the door step. Also bringing in sticks to chew up under the table. Her favourite food was what ever we ate ham,chicken veggies yes she was a well looked after dog for sure. She made sure she always got into the middle of the bed and looked to say "nope ain't moving lol"

No she was not fixed so she had some problems one being pyometra (urine infection)
She also had a heart murmur she got rather ill and was on strong medication . She was getting better for a few days then yesterday she had high temperature and was not moving much eating but drinking lots. She was raced to the emergancy vet hospital . I knew then when she bought up all this water and started drooling heavily from the mouth...

  After she got another examination done we got told she needed surgery now! We kissed her and said we loved her (deep down i said love you girl) Yu fight as long as you can then let go if need be. She had a ruptured spleen i was told and the best thing was for her to be put asleep.

To my dear best friend i hope you are now at peace and not in pain. Mourning is a fucking hard thing to do it hurts like shit!Run a muck up there in dog heave Tammy x


Monday, October 20, 2014

Sri Lankan Coconut Chicken Curry

Formerly known as Ceylon,Sri Lank in rally is a feast for the seasons bright colours and vibrant flavours wonderful beaches and the warm people.

This recipe is not hot just mild and absolutely mouth watering..

1 tbsp YIAH Sri Lankan Coconut Spice Blend
425ml light cream
2 skinless chicken breasts sliced
1 red capsicum(membranes removed and sliced)
100g snow peas roughly chopped

Combine the Sri Lankan coconut spice blend with coconut cream in a jug or bowl.  Heat a large fry pan nonstick over medium heat ,add chicken and brown slightly. Pour in curried coconut cream and stir. Add the capsicum and simmer for about 10 Minutes. Add the snow peas and simmer for 5 minutes or until veggies are just cooked.  Enjoy!


Friday, October 17, 2014

That red velvet retro couch!

Last week i went to go look at a garage sale that was on . I haven't been to one in who knows how long. It was just round the corner so i went to have a look.

 They had the usual bric a brac books,clothes so on then i see the red couch. You know when you see something somewhere and you get one of those looking up moments and think ahhh i remember something .

well i smiled and quietly laughed inside as i walked around the sale while i kept looking at this couch ,really similar to this one pictured actually pretty closeto the real one we once had...

Anyway so back in late 80's when i was a teen my sister and i wanted a huge garage sale . So we went through all the old stuff with help from the parents.  Made signs put them up everywhere. Day came we sold rather a lot.

Then after it ended we  sold most of what we had apart from this couch that was my older sisters. By now the time was 4pm so we shut the front door but left the sign there with garage open with the red couch..

My mother yells ustairs to us with in half an hour a young man is hre about the couch . I ran to see my sister was comming slowly i said hi and giggled as the man was non other then The "stephen Dennis (aka Paul Robinson) from the TV show neighbours)!

Years after that about when i was about 18 i had a friend who used to do extras for them like sit in the cafe for an extra drinking coffee etc... She was from London staying here for 3 months. She would take me to the set back then it was at a different place and called Grundys i think that was the stations name back then...?



Monday, October 13, 2014

Banana Bread.

What do you think one of the worlds most googled recipes are?  YES! Banana Bread for sure.
Everyone loved it true. So here is thee most easiest recipe you will ever need to make it.

What you need :

3 tsps. of  YIAH cinnamon twist with honey
3 over ripe banana's
1/2 cup or (100g) caster sugar
1 cup or (300g) whole egg mayonnaise
2 cups or (300g) self raising flour

Preheat the oven 180C / 350F Line a loaf tin 20 x 10cm with baking paper. In a medium bowl mash that banana add the sugar and yiah cinnamon twist with honey and mix well.

Add the mayonnaise then sifted flour and lightly mix until combined. Spoon it all slowly into loaf tin. Sprinkle extra yiah if desired.  Cook for about 50 minutes.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy and Solar

                                                                                                  This is a brought to you by Australian Solar Quotes                                                                                                                 

With Energy bills hitting the roof with most house holds and making sure you are doing everything to save .

Having a teenage child can be hard at most times especially with trying to save energy. I am sure if you have teenagers you will know what i am on about here..

 When they leave a room and don't switch off the lights i feel like just always standing behind  following and turning them all off. Every second or so you will here me say "Chloe go back and turn the light off"
  She must think i own some share's in the power company *sigh*

I try and save with energy . With my appliances i have tried to get the ones with a good energy rating. They do say the more stars the better you can save on power.

Lets see the kitchen normally gets the most use really as you are in and out there most times.
Dinner time ~ I am bad with this one i use to wait till 5;30pm and then grab some meat out of the freezer by zapping it on the microwave (yes that's the easiest right)

  So wrong . Now when i start my day early in the morning i grab the meat that we will have that night and place on a plate in the fridge so it can thaw out all day.

We have changed all our light bulbs to led lights as they are loads cheaper to run in the long run.

We have even made sure we have no gaps near the door where air can escape through. We have invested in a door stopper to block at night time when the heater is on.

Also it's best to check all your windows that we did last month and bought some black special tape to seal the windows on the edges so no air gets in or out.

I always turn off any appliance when not in use as it still costs to run when just left on the stand by mode.

* Do you switch off the lights after use?

*Do you use energy star rating appliances?

Washing machines are another ...  My wash days are now every few days when i sort it out and put a full load on and ajust my wash settings to low water and cold. I can't believe i washed always in hot.

This summer as we are nearly in the hotter months i want to try and even save more so we are actually looking at Solar energy! I have heard it can cut more then half of your bills. This is what i need with a teen. 

Rooftop So

Tell me how you save energy?


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Only i could break the water pipe....

For years we have been hearing a hissing sound like running water in the walls of our bedroom so it's hard to sleep at times. Each year the noise seems to get louder each time too.

So Dion had to get into the roof to see if he could find the pipe in the wall. As I don't get on ladders because I'm afraid of heights .

 So I waited in the bedroom as he went up into the roof. I stood near the bed and was talking to him through the ceiling vent asking all sorts of questions .

 The dog was laying on the bed with her head tilting thinking I am completely nutters yelling into the air vent in the ceiling.

Anyway after about fifteen minutes he found nothing apart from a really dusty roof and empty packets of rat sack!

So we both went outside to check the water pipe . He said go turn it off. I did the tap was so hard to turn either way it went pop and water came gushing out of the tap.

YES only I could break it bloody hell always me huh.

Anyway we called the water company to get a new tap ,they came out on the Sunday to fix the tap and left. The hissing sound was still there...

So Dion started to dig and use a small little hammer axe thingy to get to the bottom of it .

we sort of  found the pipe and where it goes right under the bloody palm tree we have in our front yard.

Who puts a pipe under a forty year old or more palm tree??

 The tree we think has so much water in the middle of the trunk it could be dying inside and rotting..?

 So any way more digging and we found it the pipe that is. It goes right under this huge palm tree!

So because we can't get a plumber right now as this will cost a few thousands I am sure as we need to get the pipe cut off and moved to another spot etc... 

 we are trying day by day to work out how to dig around the tree and find the end.  I am hoping if we dig up half the front yard and do most of the work we then can get a plumber..?

 We hope. Plumbers hate digging I've been told.

So this is what we have been doing when we need to shower use the toilet wash dishes and clothes we turn on the tap at front.

 Then after an hour we turn it off when we don't need to use water.

The hole he dug has flooded a lot. 

Linking up today with Jess for IBOT.

So anyway if you have any brain ideas that can save us money please comment below.


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Curried Bengal Sausages

8 BBQ sausages (beef pork chicken choice is yours)

3 carrots cut peeled and halved

4 shallots peeled and halved

2 tbsp plain flour

2 cups (500ml) Chicken stock

Heat a large nonstick frying pan and cook sausages over medium heat for 6 minutes turning them until lovely golden brown remove put aside.

Into their juices add the shallots and carrots for 5 minutes tossing occasionally .

Ad YIAH bay of Bengal and cook for another 3 minutes then stir through flour. pour in the chicken stock and return the sausages to pan.

Bring to a gentle boil then reduce the heat. Simmer for 20 minutes.

* The recipes i post are from our new book from The 4 Ingredients YIAH cookbook. Which can be purchased from my online store with all ingredients. 24/7

Dannie Wallace ~ Your Inspiration At Home  (YIAH)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I think i am alergic to drinking plonk!

I use to love having a drink or four at times. Only wine that is not much else apart from winter when I would have a few shots of tawny port to warm the old body up I guess...

But now I hardly have even a wine maybe on the odd occasion I will have half a glass with a dinner when out . But I never seem to finish it at all, instead I ask for a orange juice or apple or something.

I had a drink well over 5 months ago I had a terrible day and I gulped down the wine as if it were red cordial or something. Before that time I did that exact thing with wine too.

See I think my body has suddenly said "Enough your small body can't take any of this shit" I am only medium build a bit on the chubby side and only 5 foot tall so to me that's small I guess.

You see here is what happens o me after I tend to have more then 2 drinks maybe 3 (if I get that)
Only with in half an hour I tend to get this horrid feeling inside my body and head .

 I feel very cold and with in 20 seconds my whole body seems to roar with a temperature up to over 40 deg I need to hurry and strip what ever I am wearing and yes need to fall down on to a cold floor for 1 hour to get my body temp back to normal!

I know it's weird yes? In summer when it scorching hot I can have a few sips of beer then stop as my stomach gurgles it's like a sign or something.?

So I am happy not to drink really it's not important to me I still can have a fab time with out the plonk. I still have my coffee fix I guess...

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem when they have a drink of the plonk?

Or am I the only one with this odd problem?  Am I just really bizarre with this


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Welcome to Sea World!

Oh Hi! Yes I am on holidays and having a lovely time. Relaxing in the sunny Gold Coast.
 But I thought I would show you some awesome pictures of beautiful  Sea World.

The last time I was here was nearly 21 years ago for our honeymoon. So it has been ages so much has changes .

Anyway enjoy the photos oh and HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!

                                      HAVE YOU BEEN TO SEA WORLD IN THE GOLD COAST?

                                                            WHAT WAS THE BEST ATTRACTION?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The wedding.....

Who doesn't love wedding!? On Saturday I went to a friends wedding it was just beautiful. The day was just perfect. Full of sunshine with blue skies. Wonderful and warm church service.

Gotta love a limo I sure do !!
Red Carpet treatment just awesome!
                                          Just lovely her son gave her away very moving

                                                 Doesn't my friend Tam look just gorgeous!

             Tam and mike are now officially married ~ Blow those bubbles to celebrate the happy couple



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lunching too close

A few days ago Chloe came back from her School hike that was so bloody hard she is doing her Duke of  Edinborough advance. Now this is to help in the community and its amazing .
Through the international framework of The Duke of Ed, our programs give young people of all abilities the opportunity to Volunteer in their communities, develop their Skills , join in Physical Activity , and embark on Adventurous Journeys .

She hiked in bush for over 10 hours read the post here about the hike!
So I gave her the next day off school to rest as she was so tired and sore from walking in rain and mud areas.

So she woke up mid morning round 11am ish I told her to get dressed and we would go out to lunch at a lovely café.

We ended up ordering the same thing. The food is amazing  beautiful court yard setting at the back.
We had a juice not any a lovely Apple celery lime spritzer and a spicy chicken  Mississippi with coconut coleslaw OMG! Just fabulous.

The only fall back they crammed in the tables and chairs with little elbow room so you heard everyone's chattering as well as your own too.

The two young ladies in their early 30's as we heard.  They where chatting well really being rather nasty and  disrespectful of anyone. How can you be so up toose about your self and say i'm me and better then everyone around yadda yadda....

 We both rolled our eyes and just sat in pure shock!

The one lady said to her friend she was actually bagging out her other so called friend she's so ugly and over weight and etc...  Then she was talking about her boyfriend of nearly eight years saying her man wants kids and she will never give them to him as it would totally ruin her perfect figure and he will just have to live with it .It got worse..

Chloe and I downed our food so fast and could not wait to get out of there!!!

Why do people enjoy back stabbing each other and so called friends ?  I feel rather sorry for snobby people . That feel that way. We wanted a lovely lunch that it was but having to listen to this lass go on and on.  I honestly don't think she has a nice button. I glanced over and smiled as you do at times to be nice and I got that toss of the pony tail and up and down look to say, don't look at me you are nothing look.

I just bit my tongue .

I very nearly stood up and was going to say something like: Ok its not just me but these other patrents can hear word for word your fowl mouth nasty words . Also I would not like to be that person who you are talking about and I hope your boyfriend really wises up to see the true you its utterly gobsmacked to say the least.



Monday, September 08, 2014

Hiking in the bush!

So the teen is off on a 24 hour hike in the bush . She will get dropped of at a destination and with a compass and map and about 7 hours of walking/hiking through bush!

 She had a list of things to pack and food to take  with a map of the walking bush tracks to follow as well.(no cans etc..) The tent and poles are provided by school They have to carry half there weight included the stove and fuel as well.

This is for the School Duke of Edinburgh Award with the school advance.
So we got lollies ,pasta, sauce, powdered milk.. Thankfully this is only for 24hours . They have another one in middle of October for 4 days as well.
They travel in groups of 4 each.

Plus I will make 2 sandwiches as well/ The thing she doesn't like is taking the toilet paper (yes the take a trawel that school provides) to dig a loo hole lol.

I'm sure she will be fine. Yes we packed clothes and did food all last minute at midnight! why? Don't ask. She wanted to take make up ?
Me: You bush walking you don't need make up
Teen: I know but I want to put some on
Me: I am sure you will survive with out face crap for a night ;-)

I know this will be rather interesting and look forward to hearing the cooking adventures and more LOL



Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe


Photo: Love the different countries meals can take you too with YIAH. Tonight from Hungary hubby made us Chicken stroganoff (using the Stroganoff spice blend) with chicken rice.

Pack of chicken strips
6 cut button mushrooms
1 onion finely diced
teaspoon of grain mustard
chicken stock
sour cream
 mediterranean oil  YIAH
Stroganoff spice blend YIAH

Heat oil and onions in pan till browned add chicken strips  add mushrooms pour stock cheat a bit and use a pack liquid mix base *sigh* for sauce for time add mustard and sour cream .
serve with chicken rice or even pasta your choice.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Simply Clean is just that! (Review)

So over the weekend I decided to have a thorough clean out of my kitchen and bathroom . It took a while to do as there was so much dust around. No wonder my hay fever was pretty bad.
Now I don't like using many chemicals as they make me ill and l also I can't use chemical cleaning products because of my husbands condition as well.
I was asked to do a review on Simply Clean and yes I support Australian made.
I also was very happy to see that they are toxin and sensitiser free. Beautiful Natural fragrance lemon myrtle oil and other essential oils.

Yes my cupboards so needed a massive clean out and wash! How could I let this happen and for so long too...? So many cups more then I even use also lol.

Wonder how long it will stay like this Hmmm better make sure I always keep up with cleaning I guess.

Feel better that I achieved all my cleaning yay! Now to get the laundry done and the rest of the mirrors done yes we have mirrored hallway *sigh* huge job but it must be done....

                               GOT ANY QUICK EASY CLEANING TIPS TO SHARE HERE?