Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting out of a slump.........

Getting out of a slump is hard. But alas i shall conquer it and today! You see i have not been totally with it since my beloved dog passed away a month ago. I sit here and just cry over her and anything.
The house is a slump .  I have not eaten properly since. Snacks here and there not propper meals or healthy ones.

But that's all changing before i sink any lower i needed to conquer this my self only i can do this and get my self better and not fall any deeper into a hole and stay put.

So last night i made a lovely meal for the family chops with gravy and veggies. Went for a 20 min walk with the teen to just clear my head . We chatted about this and that. Gee it felt good to just walk no phone just us. We now will do it most evenings as the weather is getting warmer.

Today i went to gym early did a work out . Came home did a few loads of washing. Checked my email that has not been checked in a few days and wow!!  I re did all folders for myself. Junk Important task crap for later etc...

It feels good really good to finally get on top of things and take small steps to achieve a good outcome and just get on with life . Bringing back the happier me .


Friday, November 14, 2014

Just your normal typical day yet again..........

Every morning when i get up before i make my coffee and check my inbox full of mail.
 I open the blinds to see what the day will bring. 

Yes my short ass cant reach the cord so i step onto the couch to reach the bloody dam cord. Well being only five foot nothing can be a real pain in the but right.

Then i see the teen off to school reminding her to take her lunch out of the fridge. I say good luck for your exam today (today is the year 9 English exam) Did we study ....!!?? Well sort of if you want to say we crammed in 3 hours the other night.

  Sheesh i don't think i could cope going back to school.
So i always double check after the door shuts and low and behold her lunch is still in the fridge.
I run out yelling down the drive like a banchy gone completely mad...

 "Chloe your lunch" 

Make her walk back half way up the street i get thanks mum quick smile and off she walks in a fast pass not to be late.

back inside i have my coffee do a quick check of inbox messages,shower etc... all in a space of one hour!

Then my phone goes "PING" and i get this message.........

I run into the room trip over the shit that's all over the floor . Look at the hair straightener that is left on the bed! Thank goodness it's off.

Last week it was left on for who knows how long i was doing some sorting out in the spare room and i could smell an burning smell. That time she left her straightener on her fold up chair...   *sigh*

So anyway after all that hung out the washing i actually got over 4 loads done as it was a glorious day top of 33 deg here in Melbourne! 

I had a little friend coming over to say Hello to me. I stood still and he was rather cute we chatted for about 5 Min's and he kept nodding. 

You see he was looking for my dog. This magpie always would come down from the tree and go pretty close to Tammy for about 2 minutes while Tammy looked at him as she was out lying in the sun.

After that i collected my delivery from the front door. Fresh fruit and veggie box. I get this on a fortnightly basis. 

                               Thinking of the wonderful dishes i can create on the weekend.

                       What's your typical day like where ever you are?


Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday menu dishes for this week are....

Another Monday with yummy dishes for this week! Guess what Christmas is coming hard and fast. YES!
 just round the corner too. Soon i will be making just dinner for Dion and myself for a couple of weeks ... Why you ask? The teen is heading overseas for Christmas with her best friend and their family for a lifetime adventure woohoo. More on that bit later on....

Here is what our household is having this week:

                                                                      MEAT LOAF

                                       ROASTED CHICKEN LEMON MYRTLE



Sunday, November 09, 2014

Finding my spark with colourful clothes

Well i certainly ain't a fashion blogger but i do try to look rather nice and comfy and not always wear just black!
Yes my whole wardrobe is pretty much black with tops jeans singlets jumpers etc...
I do have maybe three or four non black items of clothing but that has been rare of late.

I love to follow on instagram some fashionista people to see what trends of colour i could try. Don't know why i have been told by some people the colour yellow would look on me.

 I tend to cringe on that colour still can't bring myself to eve getting a top that's yellow . I mean yellow is bright sunshine etc... I have an awful yellow phone holder that's it (too lazy to get a new one)

So here is moi with some POP of colour and one pic i did just yesterday of absolutely no black at all.
That is a world record even for me.

                                                     some black still getting there sort of.......

                                             black and grey ..... but i need to conquer colour!!!

                                     So Ta Da  i feel odd but in a nice way just trying to get used to colour

                                                Tell me how are you with colour..?

                               Do you stay comfy in black or need colour to POP that look for you?


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

How much do you remember about the 80's.....?

So yes i will admit i am a lover of the 80's! But who isn't come on i know you are... Nodding up and down we are see haha.

We loved all the old shows and songs right! Now the shows are like huh? thats silly or what are they trying to be.

On my phone i have so many of the amazing chart buster hits ...
Gee what an era that was totally livable right with the rubber band you had on round your wrists and ankle the games.Oh the games like sorry i think that was a classic.
 The adds now they just where something.

So today being "Hump Day" (Wednesday) I leave you with something that just may give you nightmares!!!

Miss the 80's ? This will surely make your day better. Your Welcome  Watch the short 3.41 sec
Just check out the moves and poses seriously .... Mind boggling right . PMSL
Please sit back and enjoy. Gosh this stupid song is going around my head now ..



Monday, November 03, 2014

Dannie's Weekly Menu....

Here is what the Dose of Dannie Household will be having this week....

                                                                    TUNA PATTIES 

                                               SPINACH AND RICOTTA CANNELLONI 

                                                     A LA DANNIE CHICKEN SPECIAL

                                                                     FRIED RICE DISH

                                                CHAR SIU PORK (BY KIMMIE)

                                       What's on your dinner plate this week..?


Sunday, November 02, 2014

Just over a week has passed.......

Well it's just been a little over a week and i am still in a loss and occasionally look around for her.
Me being a cancer star sign and all (born end of June) I am extremely over sensitive about so many things. Even tiny things can see me in a blabbering mess. I don't need much to set the tears rolling up swelling my eyes.

I cry myself to sleep most nights right now. I am not coping well with out Tammy on the bed at night . Neither is the rest of the family either.  The house is just so quiet it's just not the same. Last time i had a dog i was very little 11 i think and that was a little black poodle. So it took me a long time to get another dog. Yes i also had a tortoiseshell cat  in my late 20's but she was killed by a truck.

How long do you grieve for a pet..? When she meant the world and nothing else really mattered.
I know i am being pretty childish ,but i just don't care.

A friend of mine sent me an email about this poem called Rainbow Bridge for your wonderful pets. Yes i was into paragraph 3 and i had tears rolling down my face .I had to walk away for a bit then came back to finish reading the poem. Tis a beautiful poem too.
I never heard it before until i read it. Miss my baby Tammy so much x


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dannie's weekly menu...

Well again it's been ages since i put up a weekly menu plan and slowly will get back into it.
I've been pretty slack of late but i did have a excuse right!? Now to get back to eating healthy and correct i say.

                                                                   CHIMMI MINI'S

                                                               CHICKEN STROGANOFF

                                                                         THAI BEEF SALAD

                                                                CHICKEN ENCHILADAS

                                                             TUSCAN MARGHERITA PIZZA

                                           Have you got your menu all planned for the week?


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thank you everyone x

I want to thank everyone for all the cards emails flowers and messages of thoughts about our beloved dog Tammy i have been a mess and also felt loved by everyone at the same time. She is now at peace in her resting place .

Yesterday was a lovely day had my son over for a while and today my other daughter Amy came over for the day. We chatted all day about anything and everything.

                      These have been freshly picked from the garden by my mother in law.

                                                  More beautiful flowers from a dear friend .

                                               and more beautiful iris flowers just lovely!

              These just made my day from Chloe's boyfriend. I say this one is a keeper all right!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goodbye Tammy x

Today's post is dedicated to the wonderful Tammy who we lost early hours of the morning.......

It's so hard to write something when your beloved pet dies and has been really part of the family so close. Tammy was a kelpie cross dachshund . She was a helper dog for Dion .She was seven. We say more of a human then a pet dog really. She got carried around like a baby when she was little.
she brought so much joy to the family with her loud bark that you could hear across the street!

Her mouse chasing and bringing them all to the door step. Also bringing in sticks to chew up under the table. Her favourite food was what ever we ate ham,chicken veggies yes she was a well looked after dog for sure. She made sure she always got into the middle of the bed and looked to say "nope ain't moving lol"

No she was not fixed so she had some problems one being pyometra (urine infection)
She also had a heart murmur she got rather ill and was on strong medication . She was getting better for a few days then yesterday she had high temperature and was not moving much eating but drinking lots. She was raced to the emergancy vet hospital . I knew then when she bought up all this water and started drooling heavily from the mouth...

  After she got another examination done we got told she needed surgery now! We kissed her and said we loved her (deep down i said love you girl) Yu fight as long as you can then let go if need be. She had a ruptured spleen i was told and the best thing was for her to be put asleep.

To my dear best friend i hope you are now at peace and not in pain. Mourning is a fucking hard thing to do it hurts like shit!Run a muck up there in dog heave Tammy x


Monday, October 20, 2014

Sri Lankan Coconut Chicken Curry

Formerly known as Ceylon,Sri Lank in rally is a feast for the seasons bright colours and vibrant flavours wonderful beaches and the warm people.

This recipe is not hot just mild and absolutely mouth watering..

1 tbsp YIAH Sri Lankan Coconut Spice Blend
425ml light cream
2 skinless chicken breasts sliced
1 red capsicum(membranes removed and sliced)
100g snow peas roughly chopped

Combine the Sri Lankan coconut spice blend with coconut cream in a jug or bowl.  Heat a large fry pan nonstick over medium heat ,add chicken and brown slightly. Pour in curried coconut cream and stir. Add the capsicum and simmer for about 10 Minutes. Add the snow peas and simmer for 5 minutes or until veggies are just cooked.  Enjoy!


Friday, October 17, 2014

That red velvet retro couch!

Last week i went to go look at a garage sale that was on . I haven't been to one in who knows how long. It was just round the corner so i went to have a look.

 They had the usual bric a brac books,clothes so on then i see the red couch. You know when you see something somewhere and you get one of those looking up moments and think ahhh i remember something .

well i smiled and quietly laughed inside as i walked around the sale while i kept looking at this couch ,really similar to this one pictured actually pretty closeto the real one we once had...

Anyway so back in late 80's when i was a teen my sister and i wanted a huge garage sale . So we went through all the old stuff with help from the parents.  Made signs put them up everywhere. Day came we sold rather a lot.

Then after it ended we  sold most of what we had apart from this couch that was my older sisters. By now the time was 4pm so we shut the front door but left the sign there with garage open with the red couch..

My mother yells ustairs to us with in half an hour a young man is hre about the couch . I ran to see my sister was comming slowly i said hi and giggled as the man was non other then The "stephen Dennis (aka Paul Robinson) from the TV show neighbours)!

Years after that about when i was about 18 i had a friend who used to do extras for them like sit in the cafe for an extra drinking coffee etc... She was from London staying here for 3 months. She would take me to the set back then it was at a different place and called Grundys i think that was the stations name back then...?



Monday, October 13, 2014

Banana Bread.

What do you think one of the worlds most googled recipes are?  YES! Banana Bread for sure.
Everyone loved it true. So here is thee most easiest recipe you will ever need to make it.

What you need :

3 tsps. of  YIAH cinnamon twist with honey
3 over ripe banana's
1/2 cup or (100g) caster sugar
1 cup or (300g) whole egg mayonnaise
2 cups or (300g) self raising flour

Preheat the oven 180C / 350F Line a loaf tin 20 x 10cm with baking paper. In a medium bowl mash that banana add the sugar and yiah cinnamon twist with honey and mix well.

Add the mayonnaise then sifted flour and lightly mix until combined. Spoon it all slowly into loaf tin. Sprinkle extra yiah if desired.  Cook for about 50 minutes.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy and Solar

                                                                                                  This is a brought to you by Australian Solar Quotes                                                                                                                 

With Energy bills hitting the roof with most house holds and making sure you are doing everything to save .

Having a teenage child can be hard at most times especially with trying to save energy. I am sure if you have teenagers you will know what i am on about here..

 When they leave a room and don't switch off the lights i feel like just always standing behind  following and turning them all off. Every second or so you will here me say "Chloe go back and turn the light off"
  She must think i own some share's in the power company *sigh*

I try and save with energy . With my appliances i have tried to get the ones with a good energy rating. They do say the more stars the better you can save on power.

Lets see the kitchen normally gets the most use really as you are in and out there most times.
Dinner time ~ I am bad with this one i use to wait till 5;30pm and then grab some meat out of the freezer by zapping it on the microwave (yes that's the easiest right)

  So wrong . Now when i start my day early in the morning i grab the meat that we will have that night and place on a plate in the fridge so it can thaw out all day.

We have changed all our light bulbs to led lights as they are loads cheaper to run in the long run.

We have even made sure we have no gaps near the door where air can escape through. We have invested in a door stopper to block at night time when the heater is on.

Also it's best to check all your windows that we did last month and bought some black special tape to seal the windows on the edges so no air gets in or out.

I always turn off any appliance when not in use as it still costs to run when just left on the stand by mode.

* Do you switch off the lights after use?

*Do you use energy star rating appliances?

Washing machines are another ...  My wash days are now every few days when i sort it out and put a full load on and ajust my wash settings to low water and cold. I can't believe i washed always in hot.

This summer as we are nearly in the hotter months i want to try and even save more so we are actually looking at Solar energy! I have heard it can cut more then half of your bills. This is what i need with a teen. 

Rooftop So

Tell me how you save energy?