Sunday, September 14, 2014

The wedding.....

Who doesn't love wedding!? On Saturday I went to a friends wedding it was just beautiful. The day was just perfect. Full of sunshine with blue skies. Wonderful and warm church service.

Gotta love a limo I sure do !!
Red Carpet treatment just awesome!
                                          Just lovely her son gave her away very moving

                                                 Doesn't my friend Tam look just gorgeous!

             Tam and mike are now officially married ~ Blow those bubbles to celebrate the happy couple



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lunching too close

A few days ago Chloe came back from her School hike that was so bloody hard she is doing her Duke of  Edinborough advance. Now this is to help in the community and its amazing .
Through the international framework of The Duke of Ed, our programs give young people of all abilities the opportunity to Volunteer in their communities, develop their Skills , join in Physical Activity , and embark on Adventurous Journeys .

She hiked in bush for over 10 hours read the post here about the hike!
So I gave her the next day off school to rest as she was so tired and sore from walking in rain and mud areas.

So she woke up mid morning round 11am ish I told her to get dressed and we would go out to lunch at a lovely café.

We ended up ordering the same thing. The food is amazing  beautiful court yard setting at the back.
We had a juice not any a lovely Apple celery lime spritzer and a spicy chicken  Mississippi with coconut coleslaw OMG! Just fabulous.


The only fall back they crammed in the tables and chairs with little elbow room so you heard everyone's chattering as well as your own too.

The two young ladies in their early 30's as we heard.  They where chatting well really being rather nasty and  disrespectful of anyone. How can you be so up toose about your self and say i'm me and better then everyone around yadda yadda....

 We both rolled our eyes and just sat in pure shock!

The one lady said to her friend she was actually bagging out her other so called friend she's so ugly and over weight and etc...  Then she was talking about her boyfriend of nearly eight years saying her man wants kids and she will never give them to him as it would totally ruin her perfect figure and he will just have to live with it .It got worse..

Chloe and I downed our food so fast and could not wait to get out of there!!!

Why do people enjoy back stabbing each other and so called friends ?  I feel rather sorry for snobby people . That feel that way. We wanted a lovely lunch that it was but having to listen to this lass go on and on.  I honestly don't think she has a nice button. I glanced over and smiled as you do at times to be nice and I got that toss of the pony tail and up and down look to say, don't look at me you are nothing look.

I just bit my tongue .

I very nearly stood up and was going to say something like: Ok its not just me but these other patrents can hear word for word your fowl mouth nasty words . Also I would not like to be that person who you are talking about and I hope your boyfriend really wises up to see the true you its utterly gobsmacked to say the least.



Monday, September 08, 2014

Hiking in the bush!

So the teen is off on a 24 hour hike in the bush . She will get dropped of at a destination and with a compass and map and about 7 hours of walking/hiking through bush!

 She had a list of things to pack and food to take  with a map of the walking bush tracks to follow as well.(no cans etc..) The tent and poles are provided by school They have to carry half there weight included the stove and fuel as well.

This is for the School Duke of Edinburgh Award with the school advance.
So we got lollies ,pasta, sauce, powdered milk.. Thankfully this is only for 24hours . They have another one in middle of October for 4 days as well.
They travel in groups of 4 each.

Plus I will make 2 sandwiches as well/ The thing she doesn't like is taking the toilet paper (yes the take a trawel that school provides) to dig a loo hole lol.

I'm sure she will be fine. Yes we packed clothes and did food all last minute at midnight! why? Don't ask. She wanted to take make up ?
Me: You bush walking you don't need make up
Teen: I know but I want to put some on
Me: I am sure you will survive with out face crap for a night ;-)

I know this will be rather interesting and look forward to hearing the cooking adventures and more LOL



Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe


Photo: Love the different countries meals can take you too with YIAH. Tonight from Hungary hubby made us Chicken stroganoff (using the Stroganoff spice blend) with chicken rice.

Pack of chicken strips
6 cut button mushrooms
1 onion finely diced
teaspoon of grain mustard
chicken stock
sour cream
 mediterranean oil  YIAH
Stroganoff spice blend YIAH

Heat oil and onions in pan till browned add chicken strips  add mushrooms pour stock cheat a bit and use a pack liquid mix base *sigh* for sauce for time add mustard and sour cream .
serve with chicken rice or even pasta your choice.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Simply Clean is just that! (Review)

So over the weekend I decided to have a thorough clean out of my kitchen and bathroom . It took a while to do as there was so much dust around. No wonder my hay fever was pretty bad.
Now I don't like using many chemicals as they make me ill and l also I can't use chemical cleaning products because of my husbands condition as well.
I was asked to do a review on Simply Clean and yes I support Australian made.
I also was very happy to see that they are toxin and sensitiser free. Beautiful Natural fragrance lemon myrtle oil and other essential oils.

Yes my cupboards so needed a massive clean out and wash! How could I let this happen and for so long too...? So many cups more then I even use also lol.

Wonder how long it will stay like this Hmmm better make sure I always keep up with cleaning I guess.

Feel better that I achieved all my cleaning yay! Now to get the laundry done and the rest of the mirrors done yes we have mirrored hallway *sigh* huge job but it must be done....

                               GOT ANY QUICK EASY CLEANING TIPS TO SHARE HERE?


Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy Peasy Choclate Cheese Cake.

Here is a recipe cake that anyone can make . Rich creamy smooth what all diets call for (NOT) Hehe
here is what you need
  • Pack of malt Biscuits
  • Philly Cheese
  • 2 jars of Nutella
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Butter (about 1/3rd)
  • 1/2 cup icing sugar (not in picture)

            First get a round cake tine crush the pack of malt biscuits and flatten down with your knuckles

                                                        Put this into fridge for 1 hour to set.

                              Grab a huge bowl drop x2 philly cheese and sift the icing sugar

Then mix it all and stop half way and empty both jars of the gooey chocolate Nutella and Mix like crazy.
          Then when base is set pour the mixture all in licking your fingers if you like or want too....

smooth it out and put back in fridge for a few hours to set again (approx 2 hours ) But the more the better.

                  Then when its all ready it looks like this just add fruit or what ever you want.

                     We added a few strawberries and just dug in as you do . YUM YUM!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Liebster Blog Award


Well I was stocked when I found out I had been nominated and won this cute little blog award from Vicki at The Fashionable mum so a big Thank you to you for that. Now thank goodness I don't need to wear some cocktail dress and collect this award at a podium hehe. I am here at home in my jeans and jumper (Melbourne is so cold well we are in Winter)

Here are my Questions I will answer now:

1.  What is your signature dish?

Well I do have a few but if I had to just name one then I can't go past a good old pastry dish that is a beautiful winter fruit tart 

2.  If you could buy one item in multiple colours, what would it be?
Seeing I am in need of summer clothes soon as it will be warmer here in another couple of month I have my eyes on one beautiful kaftan with rainbow colours just gorgeous.
3.  Are you a hoarder or a thrower-outer?
I really don't like to admit it but I would say I am a hoarder not compulsive or anything just certain things I can't part with that's all.
4.  Expensive shoes or expensive handbags?
OK i am a handbag and shoe person haha but more so with the handbags i have many in all shapes and sizes and yes all are designer brands real too not fake!
5.  Are you a cat or a dog person?
Well I have both but i guess you could say i am more a doggie lover :-)
6.  What makes you want to shout and swear at the TV?
I have had many times i curse at the box when reporters and other people talk utter crap also if i don't agree with current affairs i just go crazy!
7.  Which male celebrity makes you go weak at the knees?
None really now George Clooney is getting hitched *sigh*  LOL
8.  If you could own any one designer item what would it be?
Might have to come back to this question
9.  Are you a morning or an evening person?
I am such a night owl always have been .
10. What's your favourite track to drive to?
Seeing that i don't drive i walk instead my tracks vary to classic rock and techno.



Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Snow Boarding in Buller! (WORDLESS WEDNESDAY)

 Four days of non stop fun at Mount Buller. Hard work snowboarding but well worth it! Pack up time tomorrow to head back home and yes back to school.

                                                     DO YOU GO TO THE SNOW?


Saturday, August 02, 2014

My Week has been like this.......

Well for starters I tend to panic and when I say panic not a little I think I go all (shit now what all lost)  I was at the shopping mall getting last minute things for the weekend when while on the phone to hubby everything fell silent I looked at the phone it said up top no Sim (thinking huh) So I switched it off for a little bit. While actually looking for a  public phone box thing to finish ny conversation with Dion.

They do not have one at all!? What about the people with no phones ..  Everyone one was taken out ages ago I was told. Now that's dumb in my books by now I was getting all hot headed. My phone was back on still said no sim.

My next stop straight to Apple store wait for a ticket. Well the lady saw I was flustered she came over and I blurted it all out no sim stopped etc... She sat me down and asked
Did you back everything up with Icloud"?

 Now she is talking in alien I had no clue. So anyway they re formatted it for me free and told me I need to put everything on my computer and back up also I had no storage left! I said my hubby does all that for me.

Oh We do have classes for how to use the phones what to do the apps etc.. and loads more..
Very quickly I said "count me in then".

In two weeks I am doing a class with apple to really get the know how of how to work my phone!
My daughter was with me and she as saying gawd my mum has no clue about how to use it..

                                                             Dutch Curry Sausages
I do make a mean meal at times in a good way meaning These Dutch  curry sausages where a hit!
here it's easy .
  1. 1 packet Dutch curry rice soup mix
  2. 8 thick sausages
  3. 3/4 cup of peas
  4. 7 medium potatoes
 Cook the sausages in fry pan and once cooked take off heat cut them up into pieces thick or thin how ever you like them to be. Place back into frypan with the rice soup mix mix two cup water. Stir until thick and creamy looking. Serve with a good mountain of mashed potatoes. OMG! YUMMO.

I received this book in the mail a week ago yes I ordered it as I needed some lifting in spirit if that makes any sense at all. This book struck lots of cords with me . Kelly writes her own story and shows you how to be a better happy person in life.

Insert from book:
Do you think you 're all talk, no action? Too emotionally driven? A loose cannon? Are these your words .... or words of other people.?

It's time to stop seeking permission.
The only person who should get to decide who you are is you.

When kids are in bed grab a cuppa relax also get a pencil mark notes in the book write answers next to questions. This book can be read in about an hour took me two as I read slow and want to soak up everything!

Just been trying to play around with filters in the phone camera apps. I may wait to have my apple phone class but these turned out rather well I thought. I love taking things up close and having a really good look.

Just about finished packing for the snow! Yes that time of year when the teen is off with her friends family to have her four day snow boarding lessons. They love it!

"What's in the bag" Snow clothes that is all what fitted. Another small bag will fit doona cover , pillow case and the boots. They stay in cabins and have a ball.  They leave early Sunday morning for four days.

Yes no kids until next Thursday late at night . They return so late she will sleep at her friends and be home Friday .

Ever need a good chocolate fix well here it is from the teen who needed her choc fix late at night .
Puff pastry dollop of good old Nutella and fold over close down with a fork put milk and egg round edges pop a tray with baking paper . bake till crisp brown (about 20 mins) 180 Deg
Now lets see if you can stop at one .They are filling and rich of course but LOOK!!!



Monday, July 28, 2014

My Biggest Fear in Life itself............

Today's prompt from mystery case is all about "what's your biggest fear" Well it's been a while I know but we know where this is heading right.

If you have read this blog from ages back you already know what my biggest fear is right?! For those that don't my fear or phobia is ...... odontophobia yes correct a fear of dental work or even visiting them.

Just to re fresh some posts for you have a read of them HERE and HERE and HERE

So you see it's just not a fear /anxiety or phobia but much more my life is on hold. I have trouble and always have with my teeth. Already I have had 5 teeth rot to the gum line and are black you just se black holes and with one of them I can feel the bone rub.

I have been to a sleep dentist before but that was short lived I was in there for about 10 seconds after Dion tried to explain to them about my fear. I went all white just about passed out. Not being able to breathe or talk when everything starts to close up. it's horrifying!

Not real sure what will happen I have had many emails  saying that I should just suck it up and get this all done etc...  It's not that easy from someone with extreme fear in them!

Whether I need to be totally knocked out and wake up with all the work I need done to my teeth ?...
Yes I still take my dose of codeine almost daily.

I have almost tried everything meditation , hypnosis (that's a joke) and a lady I found who helps well tries to get you over your fears etc...

When i'm out walking to my local shops etc... I actually walk away from the footpath as I have to pass a dentist  so I walk close to the road curb until I pass that place.

I wonder if I will ever be cured as this fear is actually ruining my life I wish to smile properly and have beautiful teeth. When I smile you can see the top rotting hole it aint pretty ....  *sigh*

If you have any idea on how to get rid of this awful fear I have had for well over 25 years (YES!) that long. I am open to listening to all advice.

                                              TELL ME  "WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR" ?



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Warm Artichoke Cobb Loaf


  • 1 Round sourdough loaf
  • 1 cup. Whole-egg mayonnaise /or sour lite cream
  • 3/4 - 1 cups Grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoon YIAH Tuscan Style Capsicum Pesto Dip Mix
  • 1 Tin of artichoke hearts drained and finely chopped


Hollow out sourdough loaf and place on a baking tray.
 Keep the inside portion for later. Mix remaining ingredients and pour into hollowed out sourdough shell. Bake at 180° C (356° F) for 30 minutes.
 Meanwhile, cut the top and inside portion of the sourdough loaf into cubes and bake in oven for the final five minutes until just crisp on the outside. Arrange cubes around loaf and serve hot.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Over the weekend...

You know when your teen nags and nags you to get something and you sort of um and arh over it thinking she just might forget about it. Well our teen thought we would forget so she gave us a little reminder.

It all started when she asked to get a nose pierced and we said that would hurt etc... Dion was not liking where this was heading and said NO! Chloe was getting angry. Why? Some of my friends already have their nose done...  *sigh* and she said I can cover it up at work with clear plastic strips it would only be very tiny hardly noticeable.

Dion said you will have a hole in your face your nose etc... (hubby is a lot stricter then me)
Anyway he suddenly said you are allowed to get your belly button pierced no one will really see it and that was that.

I was shocked after she walked back to her room smiling I turned to hubby and said OMG! Are you nuts ? You know she will nag for this now too. Dion said all will be forgotten in a week . Yes it was until after 3 months it was brought up again. Anyway Dion was joking about the belly being pierced but Chloe wasn't she is very much like me.

So all was booked late Friday I had to attend as she was under sixteen  etc..
So brave she was but I did not look until all was finished other wise I just may of passed out!

                                    (The purple marker will fade in a week or two we hope)

On Saturday I went off to work at The Melbourne High Tea and worked my butt off I love my job but you all new that right hehe The day was so jam packed a full house too.I didn't really get a chance at all to have a look at any stalls. I didn't even take a break either from 11am -5pm I was rather tired at the end and did grab a quick coffee and ate when I got home.

                                                    "YOUR INSPIRATION AT HOME "

My teen is a real lover of shoes flats and heels but is ever so mad on these bloody nike runners really!
To me they are just another runner /sneakers well that's what I call them but no they are god shoes?!
They are supposedly the shoe to own OK then? (scratched head) Ever loved a pair of shoes this bad?? Yes rather expensive but thank goodness she had her Birthday voucher to spend from her friends yay! So these shoes sorry Nike only cost me an easy $50 Original price (better sit down for this) yes over hundred mark and more...


So some weeks ago I was pretty sick but all ok now. My friend popped over to keep my company for a while yes she came in her Jim jams or Onsie I laughed as I really want a Onsie . The teen laughs and says really mum that is so last year! Me saying :Um I don't care I am me and I will get one for the warmth . Anyway my friend asked me can I crochet I said nope never learnt nor can I knit or sew (that is a another post ) After seven goes of trying to teach me the name of the stitch . My friend Peta is ever so patient with me .
She wrote it all down so I would not forget either

YO = Yarn Over
SS = Slip Stitch
DC = Double Crochet
SC = Single Crochet
TC = Triple Crochet

Put  hook through stitch YO = wrap yarn over hook pull wool through stitch. That will make two stitches on hook .Pull wool through the two stitches.
Any way I have tried to watch some  some clips on beginners crochet on you tube love that want to learn something I watch it on you tube .  Hopefully soon I will make a  small flower  then squares for a blanket and more...

                                                           HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND ?