Saturday, October 30, 2010



Many of us at some time or rather have en counted a person who has really drained us of all our energy.
Turned our life into heavy battles and made us feel powerless and utterly helpless.

Setting boundaries

People do it because they can we are being manipulated. This is being quite clear about your wishes
When others See you have strong boundaries it gets difficult being manipulated.
They will always try again but then eventually give up.
There is never any specific time always act on it right there and then.

No excuses

When you happen to confront the person/s they will always try and explain away on there behaviour. They often always try to change the subject as well.
Or in most cases they shift the blame onto someone else.
Always bring the discussion back to the underlying problem and ask what they will do to sort it out.

Speak up

You must always be clear about what you want,this will prevent your words from being twisted
into something they are not. Always stand up straight and always look them in the eye with a strong voice and make sure your body language backs up your words as well.

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  2. This is so important, isn't it? I didn't have these skills when I was younger, and once you learn them, life just gets better and better

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