Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pinterest ~ Things i have found ......

Right so after driving around last night with Dion we went to have a coffee ,do some small shopping and then we went to the beach that's right but we went at Midnight!
 UM why? you ask : Long story into short . Well Chloe needed some sand for her School project on Ancient Egyptians etc...
So after getting sand with a shovel ,torch and bucket *sigh* we got a full lot of sand.(picture down bottom of page)

So then i was looking around on pinterest for half an hour as i was not tired yet and found some cool things so i am sharing them today with you. Cos I'm nice like that hey!

This is a easy tutorial by the Graphics Fairy craft to pin items from it's original source (just so you don't get into any trouble . Pretty straight forward and easy  too. 


source ~ Graphics fairy ~ craft via Pinterest

So Chloe is in Year Seven (Form 1) as i used to say back in my school day lol and she loves doing Science here is a great activity for kids to do outside with parents help and learn some science stuff 
cool hey!

A little balloon science!
source ~mum to 2 posh lil divas via pinterest

This is great a little or a lot  (Blog therapy)

source ~ pink gypsy cats tumblr  via pinterst

Easter is less then a week away so why not get some Easter inspire and make some cute bonnets 
Great ideas here and on the site .
 Loads of easter bonnet hat ideas from The Organised Housewife
source ~The organised housewife via pinterest


OK so you did ask and here is the Midnight sand collection *sigh* and NO! their where no dead bodies  lol. The things you do as a parent!!!
Gee i hope this is what she wanted lol. 

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  1. I could get lost in Pinterestland forever it's rest when planning or researching stuff


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