Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Fun Projects to make ...........

So as we approach Easter tomorrow and scoff down  all the chocolate we get lol
I was looking around at craft ideas to make with Chloe. here are some wonderful ideas to keep the tweens happy at bay ..........

This is a fun idea for Easter baskets. Home made bubble wands. You use copper wire and left over beads from old craft projects. wspeidel

How cool is this so simple and easy  to make (now i know i have some copper somewhere)
Use art/craft beads that you have around the house or in your craft box.
Home made Bubble wand!

2. Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Easter Eggs    Who’d have thought that a list on fun and easy Easter projects will also include coffee filters? Seems to me that coffee filters are slowly…

How many coffee filters do you have just lying around or have binned recently?
Well you can actually put them to good use! 
Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Easter Eggs Who’d have thought that just things in your home could become a craft project?!

Easter egg garland!!
Here is a cool idea from Crafty Endeavor
As i don't have any wool *sigh* today i am off to buy some and glue cos this looks like
a whole Lotta fun (yes i do have balloons) thanks goodness!

another view of the paint-chip Easter egg garland
Easter garland by Modern Parents Messy Kids
I still have some paint chip colours oh somewhere around this house (just need to remember where)
Cos we where going to paint our kitchen ages ago and every time we needed something from bunnings store i just collected a huge wod of them lol
Just follow the tutorial and whalla you have a hanging Easter chip garland! Your welcome.

These are adorable for kids, especially now. With Easter this weekend, and not a lot left in stores, buying a few pair of long striped socks, some buttons from those little packets you get with sweaters or shirts and some thread to make noses and mouth is so simple. Find the instructions for this awesome kids' gift right here: Not to mention other awesome kids DIY projects for moms!
Look these are socks made into Bunny puppets! by lil Blue Boo
Ashley is so clever  i know aren't they just so cute!  
Now i have some knee high socks (i nearly through them out) But stopped and thought 
what could i do with them ~ Then i found out about the sock bunnys . You are never too old to make sock puppets well i don't think so anyway .......... I also have a jar full of buttons (why) no idea  just do haha.  So follow Ashley's tutorial and there you have it a Bunny sock .
Mind you i can't so to save myself and i have never used a sewing machine in my lifetime,
I am sure my good friend won't mind teaching me this arvo hey Mishi!!! :-)

So what are you waiting for get off you butt!  Make these brilliant Easter crafts today.
You can find all my pins  HERE  and HERE and my other pin boards  HERE

Tell me what Easter projects are you working on today?

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