Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Music and teens these days ~ Make my eyes roll.....

Either i am not with it no more or really need to get with the up and up of 2014  *sigh*
Remember when you use to get up have your showers and get your ghetto blaster plug it in and carry on with stuff blaring out the radio hits etc....

No the teen gets a zip lock bag from the pantry .I asked what are you doing with that in the bathroom?
having a shower and listening to music mum! What do you think i was going to do?

I must be old  i said wow! what a great idea. The teen thought i was odd not knowing something like that.

On another occasion  sometimes she will ask mum do you like this song or that one....
Some i have never heard of and  the mind boggles .

I will make a thing today to be more alternative to listen to the old boom box or music on my phone.Must get to know the songs of today but really some are so out there and silly.

But i really still love having a tape in the stereo and taping songs off the radio. Is that still aloud ....

Today i am cleaning out my clutter and i have my old 80's tape and i am listening to "Madonna" get into the grove" helps me do things faster .Singing all the right words love it!

yes i have loads of 80's songs on my phone too...


  1. I like most of my teen son´s music! The girl is much into Japanese music and I can´t follow that one as much. I still have some tapes and have re-bought my favourites in cd. :).

  2. I grew up in the 1950' and 1960's. When Elvis and then the Beatles came along, it was revolutionary, and our parents just couldn't understand it. My then teenaged son and his father actually enjoyed a lot of the same music - something that never would have happened when we were growing up. Of course, there is a lot of modern music we don't follow - maybe we were just lucky with our son.

  3. I dislike of most of the music nowadays too. I can't hear the words and I don't like the beat. When old songs come on the television, I perk up. I can hear every one of Elvis's lyrics. Those were the days.

  4. Well, I was a teenager in the 'noughties' and I have to say that music was/ is really good. (Particularly in the later half of the decade.) Having said that, I am no sheep and love all sorts of music. I'll be listening to Jessie J and a Les Mis/ Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack the next! I love so many different genres :)


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