Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do you do the Secret Santa thing?

Let me ask you a question..... Do you do Secret Santa's with your family?

You know when you ask and they say ,Um i don't know or we don't want anything really...
You then know what that exactly means they are being nice and they want something that is fabulous!

So when you have absolutely  no idea and look around in shops and you think would they like this or that ? Maybe? You can ask them to register an Elfster account! yes i have one. You can make a wish list click on things you like,love or really want etc... this is all FREE! too. I so love this . Why haven't i heard about it before?

What is Elfster?

Elfster is a free online Secret Santa organizer and social networking platform for gift-giving. Elfster gives time-strapped party planners and gift givers the tools to rediscover the joy of gift giving by organizing a Secret Santa exchange. 
Elfster Social Gifting = One Part Wishing + One Part Shopping + One Part Gaming = Tons and tons of Fun had by everyone.

What is a Secret Santa?

We used to have them at school ~ We called them Kris Kringle back then. where all the names of the class go into a huge santa hat and you pick one out .You have to spend only $5 and get them a gift write there name on a card and put it on there table with out them seeing(hard) 

With Elfster you can ask them anonymous questions as to what they like in colours , Do they enjoy camping,fishing reading books and so on and so on......

Great fun for Family work ,friends overseas penpals and more....
Fabulous for those relatives as well that live overseas.
So the object is to remain a secret lol... It's fun so come play and start making those wish list today.

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  1. No, I don't do the secret Santa. In years past, some of the offices I worked in had a Secret Santa exchange but not anything recently

  2. I'm always involved in the Secret Santa at work. We used to do it for the family too. It's a bit of fun ;) Cheers for linknig with The Lounge! And Merry Christmas! Robo X

  3. I've never heard of this custom. Sounds like fun, though.

  4. I love Secret Santa! We've done it at work a few times and I think it's a great idea :)


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