Friday, December 13, 2013

Free to be Me and Happy How about you?

As i was just looking around and watching things on YouTube i caught my eyes on some fabulous stuff that i am sharing today. The first one i gather rings some bells for allot of people not just me. His name is Tommy Franklin and his story is so inspiring. I love it and agree with it in every way.

 Who are you to judge people
Go Dance if it makes you feel happy.
Let down that brick wall that's up all the time

"Now are you smiling or what"!

Now this one is just fabulous! I know so many people try to make me miserable . Why? Because if they are not really happy with in themselves then others can not be happy and must feel like them too.
SORRY not for me just won't work.
This song just says it all


So what will you change about you everything  / nothing/ ?
just be you and be happy in YOU!



  1. Great uplifting thought for today. Be happy with what you have and what you are.

  2. It's so important to be happy in this life and appreciate what you have! :)

  3. I'm learning that I cannot keep everyone around me happy, and the realization of that is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. THAT is what's making me happy these days :)

  4. I am a pretty happy person 80% of the time.. my family makes me happy!


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