Monday, December 02, 2013

My First Kiss.......

Really! Who remembers their first ever kiss!? YOU?  Well i do and it was all giggles and such.
I was 15 yes that age Ahhh what an age too anyway. I met this guy from a friend of a friend you know those ones right?!

So anyway He was "Italian" too! Tall dark the whole shazam pack. I went to one of my close friends birthday party we ate had coke slushies and packs of lollies and games too.

We danced with everyone and chatted then this boy came over to me and took my hand led me out on my mates porch we chatted for half an hour ,then we just looked into each others eyes and lent in for that kiss.

Our lips pressed and my eyes where open his where shut(i was thinking maybe he had kissed before)
He suddenly opened his mouth so of course i did the same (i had not a clue what i was doing) 

We went inside exchange phone numbers then i was picked up by my parents to go home.

We saw each other on weekends sat holding hands we went for walks etc...

Then after a few months my friend called me and told me that *Scott is leaving with his parents going back to his home country.  I was so sad.

I tried to call but the phone was already disconnected . I seemed to get over this guy after some weeks and moved on as you do.


I am linking up today with Kerri Sackville for  #myfirst ..... KISS

                                 DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST KISS?




  1. Aw... that's kind of... romantic! Not like mine!!!!

  2. Awe that is so sweet, what a lovely first kiss. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh yes, I remember both. But I'm not telling!

  4. Nawwww how cute. What a nice memory to have of your first kiss.

  5. Great subject. I vaguely remember my first kiss wasn't so romantic, but more of an experiment.


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