Monday, December 09, 2013

My First........Bestie.......

                                    DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST BEST FRIEND?

When you hear a song on the radio or just stare into space suddenly you remember back things that happened with you and your first best friend. You remember the good the bad and the ugly right.

I was actually thinking of my best just last night so i decided to do a search on face book and low and behold i found 5 names only to go through so i private messaged them all asking if they remember a certain girl (moi) and i asked a certain question only my bestie would really know the answer....

It took less then  5 minutes and my best friend sent me a message with the correct answer.
We chatted back and fourth for an hour or so. We are going to meet up for coffee on Friday. She could not believe it after 30+ years.

Oh the wonders of the net! 

We have a whole life to catch up on and i can't wait to see her . We will bring photo's of the early years (now just to find them all)

We used to be inseparable we spent every weekend together. We told each other everything . We always would talk on the phone every day. Then we left school and lost contact for ages.

*   we used to listen to records of Bily idol,Duran Duran and sing and dance to them holding a pretend microphone (being impulse can)

*  We used to read comics and mags together and loved reading dolly to find out all the gossip around.

*  We even went bra shopping together to get our first training bra 

                                                           See you Friday Tracie x

                                  Joining up with Kerry Sackville in the My First Series 



  1. OH!!!!!! Did I have anything to do with that????
    If I brought two ex-besties together again, then I can shut down my blog happily right now. My work here is done.
    FANTASTIC story!!!!

    1. LOL No? I was actually looking at old photo's and was drawn to 1 for ages thinking about it :-)

  2. Wow, I love this. I just did a quick search, but I didn't find my bestie yet. She moved away when we were only about 11 years old. Memories go way back as early as 4 years old.
    Great post, Dannie.

  3. Fantastic! You must be so looking forward to Friday! I bet you talk non stop and it is like no time has passed at all. So wonderful that you will be reconnecting :-)

  4. That's great. I've been trying to track an old friend down on FB and other places for ages and failed. You got lucky :) Have fun together.

  5. It's great when you can be reunited with old friends. I've met up with a few since being active on social media, and we just latch on to where we last latched off!

  6. Yes, I do remember my 1st best friends. It's a shame, but we aren't in touch now.

  7. What a great story! Enjoy catching up on Friday

  8. Great story. How funny it is that time cannot separate the bond between great friends. Enjoy catching up!

  9. Oh gosh, we moved so often, I don't think I stuck around in the one place long enough to make a best friend until high school.


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