Monday, December 23, 2013

"Nuts & Bolts" Recipe from YIAH!

Today I am sharing a recipe that is so delicious you will love it just like my family do!
I must thank another YIAH director (Gina Moore) as it's her recipe .
Here is what you need.

1 x 250g pkt mixed nuts (either raw or salted is fine)
1 pkt mini pretzels...

3 cups Nutri Grain Cereal
1 sml pkt dry oriental noodles
3-4 heaped tbls Bengal Curry Dip Mix
Good splash of your favourite YIAH Olive oil (my preference is Mediterranean)

Nuts and Bolts is a simple, “throw anything in” recipe.

 Whatever you want to add will work….cereals, nuts, noodles are my favourite…

In a wok or frypan gently on a low heat, heat a little oil and put all ingredients into the pan. Sprinkle the Bengal Curry dip mix and another good splash of olive oil to lightly coat.

 Heat through and toss together well so all is evenly covered with dip mix.

 Makes the very best “Nibble Mix” for your Christmas table…

Also makes the best Homemade gift to gift family and friends….simply fill some empty jars and individually decorate and hand-label with love!

 The gift of something handmade AND delicious is very special indeed!

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  1. Looks delicious! I have to try it something. Looking forward to your new recipes!

  2. Oh, this is great! I love this kind of stuff, and my family is big on it, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Sounds good, Dannie, and I'm sure my family would love this snack, too!

  4. Oh yummy. Love these sort of snacks! Hope you had a gorgeous Christmas Dannie! The Sunshine Sunday link up tomorrow is "A New Year" if you have a post to share :) Happy New Years! And thanks for linking up xx


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