Sunday, December 08, 2013

The week that was ......

  1. I took a stroll around the park great to relax a bit.
  2. We had some yummy fish and chips for a change.
  3. I am not happy when it rains and is cold it makes me feel shitty!
  4. My awesome top i received from the courier thank you  Virtu  (gifted)
  5. Doggy wash day cos my dog pongs lol
  6. Finally put up the tree YAY me! 
  7. Cut the tree in the back that was annoying me and pushing on the fence we now have fire wood. YES.
  8. Got the hair re done as you do no more gray strands yes i have 3 or 4 blondes/reds/browns colours going on love it!
  9. Pancake with chocolate YIAH powder sprinked over the top Mmm YUM.

                                              HOW HAS YOUR WEEK BEEN ?

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  1. How do you get your instagram photos to show in your blog? I cannot seem to get mine to work. I use blogger, which may be part of the problem. I would love some insight into how to cure that!

    1. Hi Karin :-) The app is called Pizapp and it's free as well enjoy! I am on blogger but not for too much longer i am hoping with in the new year i will change over to WP
      to get pic to show on the blog there are tabs up top on your dashboard or you can use picaso

  2. What an interesting assortmant of activities. I did nothing but cough and blow my nose.

  3. I had a most interesting week - now I have to find time to put up the Christmas tree. Nice to see that green outside. We may have a possible ice accumulation here in upstate New York (United States) tonight.

  4. I love fish and chips!
    I've worked a few shifts and we've had family over this weekend :)


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