Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Weekend went like this........

So the teen played her grand final match of netball and only just lost by not a huge amount (can't remember the point score tally) But She was so happy to have done her best as well as the team .
So proud.

She loves her netball she works on Friday nights and Saturday Mornings coaching the under 12 .

The money she gets paid is automatically put into her account. She wants to save for lots of things and she is slowly getting there too.Bloody darn job you all did Eagles!
Chloe is the Captain of her team (she is holding the ball) front centre x

                                                                          Eagles 2013

We also have a new addition to the family a goldfish! for Chloe that was bought from her friends for her grand final. So now we have a dog Tammy 2 green tree frogs (Mr.Bush and froggy ) the third frog died a few weeks ago we buried him in the front under a tree.

Any introducing the new goldfish of course she had to pick it's name so please meet Kwame
Why that name i asked it's such a strange name... She watches some show called ja'mie and showed me a pic and some bits of the show. Must be a teen thing i guess.

Chloe went to the city to meet this guy called Chris Lilley who plays Ja'mie in a school TV show.
and this bloke as well who is in it his name is (Kwame hence the goldfish name!  *sigh*

                           HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND TELL ME ABOUT IT?



  1. Thats a pretty awesome name for a goldfish haha

  2. What a busy weekend! Enjoyed the pictures!

  3. Our weekend was pretty quiet! Much too hot to be doing anything


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