Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Spell Check"

Do you get name spelling wrong? On occasion I do like my name for instance my first name is Danielle also can be spelt (Danyelle) (  Dhanielle ) Odd I know .

 Their are loads of names out there like our language grammar and I think at times oh brother I usually spell it how it sounds or ask them sometimes its a win other times not  *sigh*

So I found this on YouTube and yes how many times I got these muddled up for sure.

What's your name ?  Is it spelt differently? Do tell!



  1. He's a funny guy. One year, he was on the panel of Britain's got talent. Hilarious and human at the same time.
    About the spelling of names. I get all sorts of spelling for mine. It's even harder for people because my mother chose a different spelling from Francine--Francene.

    1. Francene i just could not stop nodding and laughing! I hope he comes to Australia i really would love to go to one of his road shows . Just brilliant :-)

  2. Pretty much any what that my name can be misspelt, has been misspelt over the years.

    I learnt your name correctly, do me the same...

  3. Oh, that's so funny! I'm Kristen :) I'm CONSTANTLY saying..."That's with a K...and it's EN." He's so right, it's such a waste of life LOL One of my husband's friends is Brian, and I have the hardest time remembering if it's that or Bryan LOL

  4. Hahahah Had me in tears! My name is Marielle which is French. So most people pronounce it Murielle...which bugs me to no end lol Thanks for the laugh!

  5. I love him! He's an absolute legend! My sides are aching! :P

  6. ha ha, im impressed he could do all the names one after another! My name is Kira and I am forever getting Kirra, Keira, Ciara, Keera. It is as if people want to choose the hardest version! I also get people calling me Sarah a lot (especially over the phone) as they just hear the end sound and assume the rest. Great little post

  7. I'm a Jasmin with no e, it bugs me no end when they add the extra vowel!

  8. So funny! I also love Michael McIntyre's bit about parents trying to leave the house - google it if you haven't seen it. My name is always spelt Caroline, even when people have to spell it correctly in order to email me. Drives me nuts. Then, when I correct people and say it's with a 'yn', they often change it to 'Carolyne'. Ah well, there are worse things in life but let's just say I have ensured my children all have easy to spell names.


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