Friday, March 07, 2014

Just on 4 weeks in... and to let you all know how i am doing....

So I am still at it . I did fall off grace a bit for a day or two but got back up again and had a good look.
I. CAN. DO. THIS. and I WILL. I was a little sick a few days ago so didn't really eat just slept it off.

I have now joined a local face group page that goes down to the park every Sunday early for 1 hour to do training and some cross fit.

 skipping rope pulling ,jumps kettle bells it's a full hour sweat fest but at the end of it WOW! I feel so alive and ready for anything.

I still walk daily as well. I have lost so far it's slow but who cares at least I am losing the lard right!

I still sort of follow the #12wbt in my own way (I change the meals around to suit me and the family.

When I am at home I do the core fitness video from Michelle on the program and do the weekly task she asks us to do . I also keep a diary about myself ,how I feel and so on....

No pic as yet will do one for the next post I do in a few weeks again.

So I am doing all right .I have cut my coffee intake down by half  and also started drinking light tea!

Today I am heading out to the gym for my workout then walking with my fav app run keeper/walk

You can do anything when you have a great mind set I say.

*next post(on #12wbt will explain my goals in weight loss and my tracking of my BMI and more


  1. Sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the good work and remember that we all have our days when we don't accomplish all we set out to. You're still headed in the right direction!

  2. Keep going Dannie! I love the quote. Some days I have productive days and sometimes not..

  3. Way to go, Dannie! I also love that quote and I'm so inspired that you actually joined a FB group and get out and have that sweatfest every Sunday! It reminds me of the Middle East when I lived near the Corniche (Gulf Road). I used to walk every day! I can't wait for the warmer weather when I can run again!!

  4. Congrats! Don't feel guilty about what you missed by being sick - I'm a bit in that boat myself right now. Rather, congratulate yourself on starting up the program again. You will do it!!


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