Saturday, May 31, 2014

I can do this!

After many years of trying to give up on the fifthly habit of smoking I still am trying but caved in for one late last night. It was around midnight and was fairly  cold. But I still found one . I am pretty sure it was stale as it tasted like utter crap. But my body craved it!?

I know I was pretty good for nearly 4 days and BANG just needed it. Did I really no probably just could not sleep. Yes my cloths smell of smoke all the time the hands go a little yellow. I know what it does but I still crave them.

I wrote this post back last year at the beginning of August. I have tried those nicabate patch things but they left a nasty rash on the side of my arm and so itchy as well.

I read an article that just may have really made me look!!! I have wrinkles more spots bags under the eyes (and that is just not about needing more sleep)

I don't want to look older then I am NO I don't. I want to grow old see my children married have kids.



  1. Try the nicoderm patches,that seems like a very effective way to quit. We believe in you,Dannie.

  2. I've never smoked but my husband is having so much trouble quitting. The NHS supplies him with inhalators. The only time he takes the 'dummy' white plastic from his mouth is to talk or to smoke a real one. I fear after 60 years of smoking, he'll never be free.

  3. I have never smoked and I hope that I don't start!


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