Sunday, May 25, 2014

Next mood swing… counting 6 minutes !

        Here is the thing with me . I wake up feeling all OK then I feel like I have been hit by a hammer all over. Not a nice feeling at the best of times my body aches every where for hours at times days on end.  I keep an app to track pretty much everything . So I heavily rely on the phone. When it says I am over 10 days late. I feel a panic attack start to set in.                                                               

I am pretty much like clockwork here usually smack ban on time or maybe just a day late. So I think Sheesh I can't be no way.. See I have had a tubal ligation when the last child now a teen was only 4.

Then it hits and hard I am dizzy cant walk cant move. Stuff myself like a real pig! I had three coffee's five shortbread biscuits a chicken wrap and chocolate then popcorn. and I am still hungry . So instead I just have a whole pack of mentos (stupid me) stomach feels like it's about to explode it rumbles like a train going through a tunnel.

I know it's close to being at menopause stage well it is seeing I am 43 in four weeks (hint) LOL I turned to the hubby last night and said . "I would be free of all this pain and shit if I had a bloody hysterectomy "
I got that look of why would you want that done.

Why cos every month I'm in pain and just can not deal with it any more. Well it's not like I we are going to have any more kids right!?

Heat packs work a little but I truly want to be rid of the monthly bitch mood I get in .

                             Should I look into having a hysterectomy ?

                                  What are the pro's and Con's ?



  1. I've heard it can give you early menopause, but that for many women they like it. A pro would be the obvious no more period/pms/witchzilla that comes with having a uterus, although the bad are your standard risks of having a operation. I would say this is a very personal decision, you would know better than anyone if it would be worth it or not. ;-)

  2. It's difficult being a woman. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 55 because of a cist. It's not a pleasant operation and I wouldn't advise it unless necessary. You've nearly finished your run. Try to make it to the end.

  3. I've had several friends who had hysterectomies for various medical reasons, ranging from cancer to various "female"problems. II am now in menopause. I don't miss "that time" at all. On the other hand, one of my friends, who underwent the surgery in her 50's, likened it to "being peeled like an onion". I agree it's a personal decision. There may be other, less drastic alternatives that you might want to look into. I think you will make the right decision, whatever it might be. Alana


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