Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stay safe...

I wrote this post last year about being afraid of driving or being a passenger even in a car. No I am still rather terrified . I still walk or get the bus /train etc...
But when I am waiting to cross the busy road at any set of lights and watching the cars come to a stop some still just race through ? As if they will get to their destination some what sooner ... NO!

Really why hurry take your time slow the hell down people it's not the amazing race or anything you know!!

I still see people speed as they drive down quiet streets even my own street. I still see car drivers on their Mobile's while they drive. (If it's that urgent you must check a message on face book  or twitter stop pull over. Really it's not hard to find somewhere ,pull over and check the message .

Always look both ways when crossing the road . Be alert at all times too. Wear your seatbelts and make sure others wear them as well.
My friend put this video on her page and it is really a reminder of everything that I mentioned.

it is rather graphical but it needs to be seen by people who do drive to really take note of all the surroundings . I cried watching this . It is from 2010 but should be shared so people actually understand .
This 7.42 video should be shared with your loved ones as well. Thank you



  1. Cars are so safe nowadays, much safer than a public bus/train without any seat belts/etc.

  2. not one single day passes where I don't see unsafe drivers on Sydney roads and I only drive a short 10kms to work. It's ridiculous. This vid should be compulsory watching for all licenced drivers.


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