Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ My friends Wedding Day

I love a good wedding .I mean all weddings are good right I know.
 My friend Dee got married yesterday yes on a Tuesday in a park yes also in Winter. But the heavens where pretty good and put on a lovely sunny day .
 Just a little wind . I cried I am a sook I always have a tear at weddings.

                                          Beautiful Braeside park looking into the wetlands 

Tis is the wedding party 3 bridesmaids who I also know and the 2 daughters who are flower girls.
The groom is asking for there blessing re naming of guardian ship over them. (adopting them as his own) It was ever so touching to hear.

                                        The brides maids and flower girls just lovely!

                                           Yes me with my gorgeous friend Dee the bride!

                                                             The amazing Bride and Groom

                                   Check out that awesome Wedding dress amazing! so pretty!
                                                AH! Now we are married 


The Wedding tree ! On the table was blue and green ink pads to get your thumb or any finger you wanted to do really  and put it on the tree branch with your name on it . What a fabulous and beautiful concept to do
My favourite lovely Tulips!

I won't bore you with any more photos but I will leave you with this one . The beautiful sun  setting with pinks in the sky wow! what a way to finish of a perfect wedding day.



  1. I wish your friend a long and beautiful marriage!

  2. Beautiful event, I can't wait my friends wedding day too

  3. Gorgeous sunset, and yes there's always something about weddings that make me cry!

  4. I cry at weddings too. The wedding tree is awesome.

  5. What a beautiful day for winder. Only in Australia. Here in England, there would be snow and ice and the bride would have to wear wellies and gloves. Haha. Beautiful pictures.

  6. What a beautiful wedding that you captured so lovely in pictures. The colours of the dressed and flowers are stunning! And I just adore that tree idea.

  7. Aww how lovely! I haven't been to a wedding in years!

  8. The colours of those flowers are amazing! There are a lot of things I'd change about my wedding if I could and the flowers are one of them! Instead of boring white I would go for colours :)


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