How To Use Argan Oil To Avail Its Best Benefits?


With the Moroccan Argan oil industry gaining momentum and slowly occupying the world market, more and more of its potentials are discovered and acknowledged. With passing days, people are finding out better ways of using this wonder oil. The kernels of Argania Spinosa tree, has indeed gifted the world with a revolutionary product. The oil is replete with natural antioxidants and other nutrients like tocopherol, oleic and linoleic acid, squalene, polyphenols and lot more. argan oil for hair growth can be used in the form of lotions and shampoos. The cosmetic, medicinal and culinary benefits of Argan oil are many as suggested by

The oil can be used as a face moisturizer. It can be directly applied to the face and neck and most interestingly, without leaving a greasy appearance. As a hydrating toner, it can be mixed with rose or orange blossom water. The qualities of any face mask can be enhanced, by mixing just a few drops of Argan oil with it. You want to use it as a lip scrub? Well, you can mix a few drops of it with vanilla extract and fine brown sugar. You can leave the oil on your wet scalp to get the best of the conditioning benefits. One can subject the hair to overnight treatment by applying the oil to the hair and then wrapping a towel around it. With daily use of the oil, dry and dull skin will gain the lost glory. These are just few of the benefits.

Are you suffering from dry scalp, split ends, frizzy hair, hair loss or itchy scalp? There is a single solution to all of these problems. There is a thing called Argan oil, which is free from sulfates and parabens and which will address all of the above mentioned problems. Apply a few drops of Argan oil to your hair before going to the bed. Massage the hair in circular motion for about ten minutes. Allow it to stay overnight and shampoo it the next morning. Repetition of this method for just two or three days per week will yield bouncing and lustrous hair. The brittleness or the split ends also get reduced.

Want to look forever young? Argan oil can do that for you. It contains healthy fatty acids which help to fight against the free radicals which damage the skin. The signs of premature aging are fine lines, age spots, wrinkles and saggy skin. The antioxidants in this oil can counter the effect of the free radicals and make the skin look younger. To save yourself from harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants, you need to put Argan oil in your daily diet. Just 3-5 drops of oil can bring about a huge change if they are massaged into the neck and the facial skin. Just five minutes of doing this before bedtime will make your skin fresh and supple.

Rubbing Argan oil onto the skin two times per day also reduces the oily appearance of the skin. So, one can be assured of freedom from pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.