Why Ashtanga Yoga Is Good For Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga

If you are an ardent follower of yoga, you would have read the ashtanga yoga guide that lists a variety of asanas and their benefits as seen in www.womenshealthmag.com. Over the course of time, you start to feel that this form of yoga is best suited for advanced yogis. However, the fact remains that Ashtanga yoga is a good workout option for amateurs alike.

The history of Ashtanga yoga features prominent names like B.K.S. Iyengar and Indra Devi. There are devoted followers across the globe, and enthusiast learners travel from different parts of the world to learn more about this form of yoga.

Benefit Of Ashtanga Tradition For Beginners
Look at the Traditional Ashtanga as a series of six yoga asanas with the difficulty level increases as you progress each level. You start with the primary level and move on to the intermediate level and gradually expose your body to the set of 4 advanced postures. Each preceding series prepares you for the next set of yoga movements required in the upcoming levels.

Mysore Style Yoga Class
Learners practice yoga at their own pace, and there is no instructor to lead the class actively. If you have difficulty in stretching your arms to reach the toe or you cannot bend flexibly, a teacher will help you with the poses. You can expect personalized advice and improvement tips to improve your overall health. This can also include the addition of new asanas to increase your flexibility.

The next aspect that you will see in a Mysore class is the level of practice. You can find a beginner working on the forward bending pose next to a professional working their way through the advanced postures.

If you look at the schedule, most of the Ashtanga classes are conducted early morning. Few yoga studios extend the timings throughout the day so as to accommodate everyone. Ideally, the asanas are practised six days a week followed by one day of rest. This can be altered to suit your personal preferences as you gradually gain mastery.

Most yogis practice for two or four days in a week. It is interesting to note that the lunar cycle is strictly followed during the entire session. This means on all moon days; you give your complete body rest.

Here’s How Beginners Can Benefit
One of the most common questions that linger on every yoga learner’s mind is whether ashtanga yoga suits a beginner. The answer to this is a firm yes. Whether you choose to enrol in an instructor-led class or a Mysore style session, the system of class suits all beginners. You can avail help from the teachers for the initial adjustments.

No matter how old or young you are and irrespective of your body type and endurance level, your trainer will assist you at all times, so you reap the benefits of each yoga posture. As an amateur, if you are looking at the meditative aspect of the workout, you can have a series of progression during the practice and concentrate on your breathing pattern. If you feel confident, give yourself the push, and if you feel like slowing down, there is no reason to stop you.

Ideal for beginners and professional yogis, it is evident that Ashtanga yoga is indeed an answer for good health and an active lifestyle.

Bowflex Max Trainer – Pros and Cons

Bowflex Max Trainer - Pros and Cons

Bowflex has designed series of cardio machines and the Max Trainer is one of the latest products that offer best results in terms of weight loss. It is indeed a convenient method to lose weight. Bowflex max trainer has many reviews online which helps you in getting an idea about the advantages. There are three different models from the Max Trainer series which include the M3, M5 and M7. There are pros and cons in every product and some of the prominent ones of the Max Trainer have been highlighted.


Compact Design: When compared to other workouts machines like treadmills, the Max Trainer takes lesser space in your house. It can fit in easily in any room.

Effective Upper Body Workout: The Max Trainer offers effective workout to your body as it keeps the entire upper body engaged during the session.

Zero Impact: There is no impact when you use the Max Trainer as it keeps the arms and legs in seamless motion throughout the workout. There is no scope for injuries in the Max Trainer.

Dual User Profiles: It helps two users to store the data of their fitness details such as calories burned, duration of workouts and so on. Your data can be kept separately and will not be mixed up with the other person’s profile.

Higher Intensity: There is no energy to lose here which makes it simpler to train with higher intensity. The results at the end of the day are simply amazing.


No Backlit: The Max Trainer especially the M3 model has no option of backlit and makes it difficult to go through the data.

Discomfort: The arm bars of the Max Trainer models are aligned wide apart and make it difficult for small trainers to perform workouts for longer durations.

Boring: The console has no option for any kind of entertainment as only the tab can be placed on the rack.

Assembly Required: Assembly of the machine takes a whole lot of time.
Thus, these are the pros and cons of the Max Trainer.

Does Coolsculpting Work For Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting Work For Fat Reduction

Fat freezing, Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis is a noninvasive procedure for fat reduction in localized areas of your body. cryolipolysis singapore or anywhere in the world is the hot topic at all events and dinner parties as per reports by vogue.com. Though, technologically freezing fat is not a new concept but the treatment procedure is new. Fat cells are more sensitive to low temperatures than your skin when exposed to such low temperatures they cells are killed resulting in fat loss.
Coolsculpting is approved by all the key countries and has gained a lot of attention from people due to lesser risks compared to other weight loss treatments. The procedure now advertised extensively on TV and newspapers promises to remove the love handles with a cooling plate. Read below to get to know more about this.

How does Coolsculpting work

The machine is a look alike of a vacuum cleaner; it has cooling plates which come in 4 different sizes to accommodate different areas of your body. The vacuum sucks the skin, and finally, it becomes numb due to low temperatures and starts killing the fat cells by freezing it. Based on the area of treatment you will either sit in a reclined chair or sleep on a bed, the procedure can cause a slight discomfort due to the suction of the vacuum, but the patients can relax or work on laptops while the machine is doing its work.

Ideal candidates for this treatment

Unlike liposuction, this treatment is not for all. If you are obese and looking to undergo this procedure, it may not work for you. The ideal candidate is one who wants to spot treatment of stubborn fat which is not reduced even after exercise. A good clinic will analyze the age, quality of the skin to see if the tissue is reachable for the treatment to be successful. If you have a thick tissue, the result will not be as spectacular as desired. All in all, anybody who wants a reduction of fat in certain areas of thighs, facial skin, double chin, abdomen, arms, etc. can opt for this treatment and the success rate is the same among men and women.

How long does it take to show results?

For most people, it will take a few sessions to show results. You will not be able to make out any change with a single treatment which can act as a downside of this procedure. But, after a few treatments, you can feel the change in the area of therapy. You will be able to see that the fat is reduced, and your waistline slimmer after a few sittings.

How long will the effect of this treatment last?

Though the treatment is permanent, you need to watch your weight. The permanency of the fat reduced is based on your eating habits and your lifestyle. Along with the treatment, you will have to follow a regular exercise routine along with proper nutrition.

Side effects

This procedure is noninvasive, and the risks are minimal. After the procedure, you can notice some redness in the area of treatment and with minimal swelling.