6 Reasons Why Your Dermatologist Recommends A Carbon Laser Treatment

Carbon Laser Treatment

With age, your facial skin develops wrinkles and hormonal imbalance leads to uneven pigmentation. You can get a Carbon Laser treatment from renowned specialists near you. Sources at www.mayoclonic.com are of the opinion that this short-pulsed light energy can assist in removing the outer layer of the skin with minimal damage. If you are bothered by scars, warts, enlarged oil glands, or benign skin conditions, carbon laser is the right treatment for you.

Before And After The Treatment
Carbon laser resurfacing is done on patients using local or general anesthesia. The target areas like the wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, or forehead are treated individually or a complete laser treatment is performed on the face. After the procedure, a dressing is applied on the treated area and after 24 hours the patient has to clean the area with a vinegar solution. Your doctor will prescribe an ointment for application on the face. Once the redness and swelling subsides, you can apply oil-free makeup on your face.

6 Benefits Of Carbon Laser
Some of the benefits include:

1. Youthful appearance: For those who believe that age is just a number, you can ‘turn back the clock’ and reveal your dewy complexion. Carbon laser resurfacing helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and other age-related problems.
2. Corrects skin imperfections: Carbon lasers treatment is recommended for effective correction of photo damage, precancerous spots, pigmentation, and other skin imperfections.
3. Safe on your skin: The obvious doubt is whether CO2 laser treatment is safe for your skin. The answer is yes. A skilled cosmetic surgeon will analyze your skin first and use a fine beam of a laser, the skin oil is peeled off layer by layer.
4. Stimulates collagen renewal: As you grow older, collagen that is responsible for maintaining suppleness of the skin is reduced. This leads to your skin losing elasticity and when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are greeted by dull and sagging skin. Further, exposure to UV rays and pollution can deteriorate the condition of the skin. All these problems can be dealt with a Carbon Laser treatment which stimulates your body to produce collagen naturally.
5. Fast recovery: Due to the target treatment on your facial skin, it can lead to accelerated healing. The doctor will adjust the intensity of the laser beam according to the skin type of the individual.
6. Safe and effective: This treatment is recommended and practiced by dermatologists around the world. No wonder then that this form of skin resurfacing treatment is considered safe for your skin.

Skin Care After Treatment
Once the skin heals on its own, you can liberally apply sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30. This is necessary to protect the new skin. Your doctor will recommend a good moisturizer for daily application. You can continue use of Retin-A and glycolic acid products for six weeks after the procedure or as directed by the physician. If you are an active smoker, minimize smoking before and after the procedure to accelerate the healing process.

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