Bowflex Max Trainer – Pros and Cons

Bowflex Max Trainer - Pros and Cons

Bowflex has designed series of cardio machines and the Max Trainer is one of the latest products that offer best results in terms of weight loss. It is indeed a convenient method to lose weight. Bowflex max trainer has many reviews online which helps you in getting an idea about the advantages. There are three different models from the Max Trainer series which include the M3, M5 and M7. There are pros and cons in every product and some of the prominent ones of the Max Trainer have been highlighted.


Compact Design: When compared to other workouts machines like treadmills, the Max Trainer takes lesser space in your house. It can fit in easily in any room.

Effective Upper Body Workout: The Max Trainer offers effective workout to your body as it keeps the entire upper body engaged during the session.

Zero Impact: There is no impact when you use the Max Trainer as it keeps the arms and legs in seamless motion throughout the workout. There is no scope for injuries in the Max Trainer.

Dual User Profiles: It helps two users to store the data of their fitness details such as calories burned, duration of workouts and so on. Your data can be kept separately and will not be mixed up with the other person’s profile.

Higher Intensity: There is no energy to lose here which makes it simpler to train with higher intensity. The results at the end of the day are simply amazing.


No Backlit: The Max Trainer especially the M3 model has no option of backlit and makes it difficult to go through the data.

Discomfort: The arm bars of the Max Trainer models are aligned wide apart and make it difficult for small trainers to perform workouts for longer durations.

Boring: The console has no option for any kind of entertainment as only the tab can be placed on the rack.

Assembly Required: Assembly of the machine takes a whole lot of time.
Thus, these are the pros and cons of the Max Trainer.

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